Marriage & Family Therapy + Food Body Recovery

Welcome, I am so glad you made it here!

I’m Nicole Alyssa, M.A, Associate Marriage and Family Therapist & Food Body Recovery Coach!

Welcome, I am so glad you made it here!

You are hungry for something special.
Your hunger is the invitation! (In canva)

I help wise, powerful, empathic & heart-centered Women heal their relationship with food while coming back home to the wise intelligence of this beautiful body! (Canva)


Girl, has this been your story?!

You have battled with food and your body for most of your life. You feel wildly out of control around eating.

Binge eating has become a weekly experience that brings about feelings of guilt, shame + powerlessness. As a result, you try desperately to manage your experience by controlling everything that you eat as a way to feel “safe”.

Yet this always seems to backfire. You find yourself in the never ending restrict binge eating cycle that tears down your confidence with food.

Trust me, I’ve been there. I want to let you know that you have not failed diet culture has failed you! Restriction is not the cure to freedom.

Remember, your hunger is the invitation. It is simply pointing to a deeper unmet need. When we uncover this, you will make peace with food.

I can help.


NOURISH: An Intuitive Eating Journey will change your life

Intuitive Eating led me to true food freedom! (CANVA)

Together we will uncover the symbolic roots beneath your hunger.

I always say…

“The part of you reaching for food, is the part of you who needs you the most”. (Canva)

Uncovering the roots of your hunger is foundational.

Ready to go on a journey to food freedom?

let’s go!


My name is Nicole Alyssa,

I am passionate about helping Women make peace with food!

I hold a Masters Degree in Counseling Psychology with an emphasis in Somatic Psychology from Pacifica Graduate Institute. I am a certified health and wellness coach through the Institute of Integrative Nutrition. I weave in my study of body, mind and soul to create a rich and diverse experience for the client journey to unfold.

Here is what clients are saying…

I’ve been struggling with my eating disorder for over 10 years and I can honestly say that Nicole is the best coach I have ever had the pleasure of working with. I saw more progress with her in our first two sessions than in 2 years of therapy with the head of an eating disorder clinic in my area. Nicole has a presence that is unmatched by anyone in her field. She understands that there is no one size fits all treatment for women who struggle with their relationship to food. She listens. She knows exactly the questions to ask to guide you into a space of self realization. When I first started working with her I was scared and hopeless. I came to many self realizations about my food body challenges and where they stemmed from. Nicole not only guided me to the next step in my realizations but she gave me tools to land more in my body. The process was life changing. I highly recommend working with Nicole. This new embodied approach is the therapy we have all been waiting for. – Stephanie

When I found Nicole and her program NOURISH through instagram, I wasn’t sure I could ever get out of the binge eating cycle that had been controlling my life for years. This program was an answer to a subconscious prayer, knowing I wasn’t living my best life but not knowing where or how to start. I can’t believe the revelations I’ve had over the past six weeks and how much my eating issues were not about the food at all, but about emotional challenges I’ve been struggling with for years! I now catch my triggers, think about what I can feed myself to feel nourished and most importantly have found other ways to feel “full” outside of overeating. The women I met through this program have impacted me beyond measure. Nicole’s approach to coaching both in group and individual settings makes the program. It isn’t a one size fits all solution. She is full of knowledge, recommendations and grace and she guides you to discover what works for you! If you are on the fence, I can assure you that whatever is holding you back (time, money, nerves) will be outweighed by the gift of investing in yourself through Nicole’s program. I’m dancing again. I’m following my dreams. It’s not all perfection, but the progress is monumental. – Taylor

I had forgotten what self-love looked like before working with Nicole.While working together she really helped me reignite a spark that lived within ME that I had somewhat forgotten about. What I gained by working with Nicole is beyond words. I left each session feeling more confident and more in-tune with my body. She gave me tools to feel what I truly am hungry for and how to identify my emotional hunger. She helped me see that I can love myself in the process of healing my food body relationship and that is the source of healing. Learning to embrace self-love has changed my life and I have so much gratitude for Nicole’s work. – Kate

When I first started working with Nicole, I didn’t have much self love and body love. Through our work together I was able to find a passion for self love and finding the foods that I love that love me back! Working with Nicole has brought out my feminine strength, a part of me I didn’t even know existed. I realized that everything I was seeking through food, was already inside of me. I had the power to provide myself the nourishment I was longing for. Nicole helped me access my own inner resources, to heal my relationship with food and my body. She has been such an inspiration in my life. I am now inspired to eat better, purely out of self love. – Livie

Nicole opened up questions for me that I have never reflected on before. Those questions became possibilities, a community of extraordinary women, and a path for true self love. After finishing my program with Nicole, I adopted new rituals and dynamics of self care that have opened up a broader sense of balance and joy. My loneliness is now filled with music, dance, self expression and love. I highly recommend Nicole’s programs to every single Woman out there. – Mariangelica DuqueM.A. Screenwriter, and Certified Wellness Coach