Healing the roots of a feminine wound will change the world. 

Rose is a 5 week group program dedicated to helping you embody self worth, embrace the feminine and call in a love that is sacred.

A rose can never fully grasp it’s roots. She only knows they exist. The feminine line that stretches deep into the ground is ready to be healed.

Women coming together to heal and recognize the value they bring to the world is changing the world itself. Coming together to heal a lineage of Women feeling unsafe in partnership, intimacy and the body is sacred work. 

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How common is it to hear tales of Women being in unsafe relationships? How common is it for us to have given ourselves to those unworthy of our value? How common is it to have said YES when you really were a no?  

The opportunity is to discover the LOVE that is alive in your own body & REMEMBER it was there all along. 

The mantra “I am here to remember” captivates her.

The true feminine knows that it is through her body that she heals.

Discover RITUAL practices that lead you HOME.

➢ Learn embodiment tools and practices to awaken your inner feminine soul.

➢ Heal & recover body image. Develop body trust + deep attunement. Strengthen your intuitive voice. 

➢ Embrace a self care lifestyle that awakens inner devotion.


Unlock  WISDOM  through feminine ebodiment.

The true feminine knows that it is through her body that she returns.

Darling, inner sanctuary can only come from within.

Discover ritual practices that lead you home to the medicine living these within these four walls.

➢ Clear wounds from the past.

➢ Alchemize limiting beliefs.

➢ Awaken the PRIESTESS within.

You are the prize.
Your body is the temple. Creating safety for the feminine is a gift worthy of a thousand petals.

Invite intuition + receptivity the feminine way.

Awaken sensuality.

Turn on your senses + discover your unique feminine gifts through embodiment.

➢ Build an intimate relationship with her as she speaks.

➢ SUBTLE LISTENING is the gift of the feminine. 

➢ I PROMISE you will meet your depth + unlock the love inside.

What's inside

🌹 9 sacred LIVE group coaching calls led by myself & 4 guest experts in the field of feminine embodiment.

🌹 A course login with guided embodiment practices, rituals, meditations, nourishing playlists + sacred journaling to get you ready for the week ahead.

🌹 Sacred mystery practices to embody as you are RISING high.

🌹 A facebook community of inspired Women ready to hold you to your highest.

🌹 BONUS a private 1-1 session with me!!!

🌹 VIP options available.


Healing the ancestral line: forgive the past + rise into the women you have always longed to be.

You are the prize: Embodying self Worthiness and reclaiming your precious value.

Calling him in: Clarify your desire for partnership - Niche down, get clear, non negotiables.

Let him show you: circular dating, slowing it down, honoring the true feminine pace, boundaries + letting it be revealed in sacred time.

Blossom: embody the rose, integration, reflection and healing.

Your Guide

My name is Nicole Alyssa. I am a feminine embodiment GUIDE. I help Women develop an intimate relationship with the body through ritualized self care, embodiment, intuition and self love.

I teach the art of embodied intuitive eating and support Women in healing their food body relationship. I lead Women into food freedom + body liberation the FEMININE way. LOVE HEALS. I believe the body is your greatest pathway to understanding your pain & discovering your medicine.

I hold a Masters Degree in Counseling Psychology with an emphasis in Somatic Depth Psychology from Pacifica Graduate Institute. I am a certified health coach through the Institute of Integrative Nutrition. I am certified in AYURVEDA through the Dhyana Center. 

I weave in my study of BODY and SOUL to create a rich & diverse experience for the FEMININE PSYCHE to heal + return HOME.

Remember my loves,

 I AM a voice for the body. I AM a voice for Feminine Wisdom.

xx Nicole Alyssa xx

Rise teaches you the lost feminine art of


RISE will give you the tools to live an EMBODIED life, turned ON by your own PRESENCE.

All healing emerges through the body my loves.

x x  Nicole Alyssa  x x

The Investment

$1,111 paid in full

VIP options available.

Are you ready?

🌹 The world needs your radiance.

🌹 The world needs your embodiment.

🌹 The world needs your feminine power.

Are you ready to


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Rise was created for the spiritual woman longing to awaken their feminine essence through ritual and embodiment practices. If you desire to be more embodied, this course is for you. If you want radical self reliance, this course is for you. If you want to find the medicine within, this course is for you.

YES all live calls are recorded + will be in the course portal for you to receive at any time! YET I would be lying if I did not say, the live transmission is where it’s at.

RITUAL and embodiment practices have given me sanctuary within my own body. It is my duty to share this with the world.

Not for this program! I have found investing in full to be empowering in my own soul evolution. I am holding you to the same!