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Healing your relationship with food is a spiritual journey. 

It is a journey from emptiness to fullness.

It is a journey from feeling lost in your relationship with food and your body to finding wholeness. 

The fullness that is birthed when you heal your relationship with food is real, rich and satisfying. This is a process of drawing near to the nurturing capacity of your soul. 

I help Women all over the globe make peace with food through the path of intuitive eating, self love & embodiment. 

You are hungry for something special my love, never forget that!

Dare to take a bite?

Welcome xx

I believe healing your relationship with food and your body is the doorway to your… 

I believe food is a symbol for a much deeper need. 

The part of you reaching for food is the part of you who needs you the most. 

My name is Nicole Alyssa,

I know that you came to this page with a longing to make peace with food, restore trust with your body, break free from diet culture, learn the art of intuitive eating, develop self love in the process and fall madly in love with your beautiful body!

You are in the right place!

Does this sound like you?

The Program

Nourish: An Intuitive Eating Program is a live, virtual, 8 week group program.

In sisterhood, we meet for an hour and a half each week via zoom.

Each week is designed to take you on a journey of uncovering the roots of your hunger. 

Included in this program is an incredible course portal filled with journaling prompts, self care tools, nourishing meditations, movement practices, yummy playlists & much more! 

Intuitive eating is the path to healing. 

Self love is the foundation.

Embodiment is your ticket to freedom. 


You will uncover the symbolic roots beneath your hunger. We will dig up the roots and explore the origins so that you can set a solid foundation for your recovery.

I always say, "The part of you reaching for food is the part of you who needs you the most".

We will uncover who you need to become for yourself in order to meet your true hunger.

As the founder of Intuitive Eating Evelyn Tribole says, "You and only you can be the expert of your body". You will learn the art and principles of intuitive eating so that you can restore trust with your body and break free from diet culture for good! The goal of intuitive eating is that you become the expert of your body. The principles will guide you on a journey of restoring your relationship with food so that you can finally get a taste for freedom!

Building an intimate relationship with your body is the foundation for true sustained recovery. Your body requires care, attention and honoring. Embodiment supports your Intuitive Eating process as it impacts body attunement.
You will uncover that your body is a powerful resource for healing. You will be guided through a Somatic experience that deeply impacts recovery from emotional eating. You will discover the medicine lives within. I can't wait to see you land!

You will be given tools to halt emotional eating in it's tracks. Together we will explore what food has been providing on an emotional level. The intention is that you discover new tools to meet your emotional hunger in ways that provide true nourishment. You will be given tools for prevention, mindfulness and compassionate aftercare.

Now that you have made peace with food you will begin the journey of honoring your body temple through "Gentle Nutrition" which is the final principle of Intuitive Eating. Together we will define your health and wellness values (without obsession) so that you can feel confident in your eating experience and honor your body as the temple.

Body love and acceptance is foundational when it comes to food body recovery. I provide a variety of tools and practices that lead to deeper body intimacy. Mirror work is a powerful tool that will shift the way you perceive your body. The way to body love and acceptance is to bring love into the parts that have been left behind.

You have landed in freedom! We will celebrate all of the amazing growth and progress after this incredible journey.
We will celebrate all of your amazing growth, healing and recovery! Food freedom is what is on the other side of your challenges with food. I promise, you will have landed closer to food freedom from this course!
Closing ceremony and Q+A.

In 7 weeks you will …

Your Guide

My name is Nicole Alyssa. 

I help Women make peace with food and fall madly in love with the body.

I  am . . . 

A voice for the body.

A voice for love.

A voice for spiritual remembrance.

I hold a Masters Degree in Counseling Psychology with an emphasis in Somatic Psychology from Pacifica Graduate Institute.

I am a certified health and wellness coach through the Institute of Integrative Nutrition.

I weave in my study of body and soul to create a rich & diverse experience in all that I do.

I believe your body is your greatest resource to understanding your needs & uncovering your nourishment. 

My story

At the age of 7 I began using food to self soothe. I was a highly sensitive soul searching for solid ground. I was hungry for the unconditional love and safety of the Mother. 

I went through emotional eating, binge eating, low self worth and weight challenges in my teens. I went through a massive weight loss experience to realize that my issues with food went beyond food itself. It was always about love. 

In 2012, I had a spiritual “awakening”. I gazed deep into my own eyes and made a vow to start loving and nurturing my way into a health relationship with food and my body.

I had to become the Mother for myself in order to heal.

I developed self love and a passion for caring for the body. 

I found intuitive eating and came home to recovery.

It is my mission to serve Women along their path to discovering true nourishment, embodiment and soul. 

x x  Nicole Alyssa  x x


It was her spiritual path.

I am a voice for the body. 

My mission is to honor the body and give her a voice. 

Embodiment was the only pathway to healing this separation. 

I had to go all in. 

Nourishment became my spiritual path. 

I discovered my body was the sanctuary to tasting my spiritual essence & awakening to my deepest truth.

Nourishment became my offering. 

It was never about the food. 

It was always about what food represented in my life.  

It became evident to me that honoring my body and nourishing my body was the sacred calling of this lifetime.

I am here to help you do the same.

xx Nicole Alyssa xx

I’ve been struggling with my eating disorder for over 10 years and I can honestly say that Nicole is the best coach I have ever had the pleasure of working with. I saw more progress with her in our first two sessions than in 2 years of therapy with the head of an eating disorder clinic in my area. Nicole has a presence that is unmatched by anyone in her field. She understands that there is no one size fits all treatment for women who struggle with their relationship to food. She listens. She knows exactly the questions to ask to guide you into a space of self realization. When I first started working with her I was scared and hopeless. I came to many self realizations about my food body challenges and where they stemmed from. Nicole not only guided me to the next step in my realizations but she gave me tools to land more in my body. The process was life changing. I highly recommend working with Nicole. This new embodied approach is the therapy we have all been waiting for.

Stephanie 30 years old

When I found Nicole and her program Nourish, I wasn’t sure I could ever get out of the binge eating cycle that had been controlling my life for years. This program was an answer to a subconscious prayer, knowing I wasn’t living my best life but not knowing where to start. I can’t believe the amount of revelations I’ve had over the course of the past six weeks. I discovered how my eating issues were not about the food, but about emotional things I’ve been struggling with for years! I now catch my triggers, think about what I can feed myself to feel nourished and most importantly have found other ways to feel “full” outside of overeating. I was apprehensive to work in a group setting and honestly, I can’t imagine this process anything other way. The women I met through this program have impacted me beyond measure. Nicole’s approach to coaching both in group and individual settings makes the program. It isn’t a one size fits all solution. She is full of knowledge, recommendations and grace and she guides you to discover what works for you! If you are on the fence, I can assure you that whatever is holding you back (time, money, nerves) will be outweighed by the gift of investing in yourself through this program. I’m dancing again. I’m following my dreams. It’s not all perfection, but the progress is monumental.

Taylor 30 Texas

Through Nicole’s program I learned a new vocabulary for self care that has allowed me to explore my food body relationship on deeper levels bringing with it many new insights. Nicole’s genuine approach and knowledge, based on her personal experience and education, created a safe space for exploration which allowed for the group to connect with comfort and honesty. I looked forward to our meetings each week and received permanent helpful insights in our one on one sessions. Her program provided a variety of tools I can now use anytime. My biggest takeaway is that I feel better connected and better able to apply the principles of intuitive eating from a place of body reverence instead of fear. I have a new inner dialogue that uses new phrases and vocabulary such as attuned and embodied that help me to remember to ask, “What will truly nourish me right now?”. I’m enjoying finding foods that will love me back. I have a deeper connection with myself and am continuing the journey inward after so many years of trying to find the answer to my food problem outside of myself. I think Nicole has a unique gift. She gracefully and insightfully targets individual needs and I’m grateful to have had the opportunity to be in this group led by her.

Michelle Sanos

Nicole opened up questions for me that I have never reflected on before. Those questions became possibilities, a community of extraordinary women, and a path for true self love. After finishing my program with Nicole, I adopted new rituals and dynamics of self care that have opened up a broader sense of balance and joy. My loneliness is now filled with music, dance, self expression and love. I highly recommend Nicole’s programs to every single Woman out there.

Mariangelica Duque – M.A.

Screenwriter, and Certified Wellness Coach

For everyone that is on the fence about starting this program, I ask that you believe in yourself and join this wonderful journey. Not only did I gain knowledge about intuitive eating, I gained lifelong friendships. I also learned more about myself than I could have ever imagined, a bonus I lost 15 pounds!!!! The best part of this program was that I learned how to love myself again. With the help of Nicole, I came to realize the reasons behind my overeating and binge eating. My mindset is completely different now. The rebel in me was brought to light. I realized I was still rebelling against my parents with food. I now know my self worth. Remember you are worthy of love and all the beautiful things that life has to offer!

Laura Warren

When I first started working with Nicole, I didn’t have much self love and body love.Through our work together I was able to find a passion for self love and eating foods that were healing to my body.Working with Nicole has brought out my feminine strength, a part of me I didn’t know existed. I realized that everything I was seeking through food was already inside of me. Nicole helped me access my own inner resources, to heal my relationship to food and the body. She has been such an inspiration in my life. I am now inspired to eat better, purely out of self love.

Livie V.


Rise was created for the spiritual woman longing to awaken their feminine essence through ritual and embodiment practices. If you desire to be more embodied, this course is for you. If you want radical self reliance, this course is for you. If you want to find the medicine within, this course is for you.

YES all live calls are recorded + will be in the course portal for you to receive at any time! YET I would be lying if I did not say, the live transmission is where it’s at.

RITUAL and embodiment practices have given me sanctuary within my own body. It is my duty to share this with the world.

Not for this program! I have found investing in full to be empowering in my own soul evolution. I am holding you to the same!

The Investment

The course $1111

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